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Armada Galvatron
More ghostly pirate ships, my soul must be haunted #art #o4w #instagood #itsforyou #illustration #inkanddagger #drawing #sketchoftheday #layouts #layoutsession #pirates #pirateship #ghosts (at The Historic Fourth Ward Park and Spraygrounds)
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CGI technology has brought the late Audrey Hepburn back to the screen, as she stars in a TV advertisement for the chocolate company, Galaxy. Hepburn’s sons, Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti, said regarding the project: “Our mother often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit, so we’re sure she would have been proud of her role as the face of Galaxy.” (watch the commercial here)

i can’t believe we’ve reached the point in technology where we can just

do this

Found this in the Youtube Comments:

‘I love it and hate it at the same time. My mind is officially blown, I mean it’s beyond perfect. It’s completely seamless, jumping right over the so-called Uncanny Valley like it were a crack in the footpath. But at the same time it’s beyond creepy to have the tech used to have an un-consenting digital corpse raised to promote chocolate.’

This is freaky — what opportunities does this open now?

"Say So," by Dusty Griffin

Colonel Meow, Grumpy Cat, and me, BUB.
"Biker Girl" by Dusty Griffin
Gears was one of the first Transformers I owned (after Sideswipe and Hound). He has a great look, and awesome colors. I inked this on paper and colored it in Photoshop.
"Optimus" by Dusty Griffin. Graphite on paper.
"Chastity Dragon," by DG. Pencils and inks on paper, digitally colored in Photoshop (trying it a bit different this time).

Kickstarter - THE ACTIVISTS: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets

Fancy Dress by ~DustyGriffin
"It Takes a Squirrel Village" by Dusty Griffin. Pitt Pens on paper.